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This page is currently under construction.  As of June 1, 2020, the new Public Records Request portal makes it easier to submit, track and pay for requests online.

You can request information about aboveground storage tanks (AST) or underground storage tanks (UST) installation or removal on a particular property from the Salem Fire Department.  

Request research on AST or UST records

  • Download the AST / UST Request form
  • Mail, Email, fax, or drop off the completed form at Salem Fire Administration

Request process for all other environmental records

These would be records pertaining to hazardous materials spills, inspections or permits. Visit the Public Records Request Online Portal by clicking the button below and submit a public records request

  Submit a public records request online


Report details

Since the research is address driven, separate requests should be completed for each individual address, regardless of whether it is part of a multiple unit complex.

Above ground petroleum tank

Heating oil storage tank

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