Fabricator Approval Process

​The Building Code (OSSC Chapter 17 Section, 1704.2.5) requires inspections of fabricators of structural load-bearing members and assemblies fabricated on the premises of a fabricator’s shop. The exception outlined in the Building Code provides that special inspections may not be required where the fabricator is approved following a review of the fabricators’ written procedural and quality control manual.

Review submittal 

The fabricator must submit for a review a detailed Quality Systems Manual which includes the following:


  • Table of Contents
  • The facility’s quality policies
  • An organizational chart and qualifications of key quality personnel. Clearly define relationships of production and quality control to management personnel.
  • Signatures of key personnel authorized to sign for the company.
  • A physical outline of the facility and a drawing showing the facility layout.
  • A list of appropriate codes and standards maintained in the technical library (i.e. IBC, AISC, AWS referenced standards).
  • A list of facility equipment to be used in fabrication.

Quality Control (QC)

  • A general description of quality control procedures as they relate to assuring that the fabrication of components meet specified quality requirements.
  • An example of a record of inspections and/or tests performed on fabricated structural steel components.
  • An example of the certificate of compliance required by IBC, Chapter 1704.2.5.2.
  • Detailed quality control procedures. Include inspection procedures and a list of equipment and facilities for quality control and procedures for calibration where applicable.
  • A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) stating that all subcontracted work will be with another Approved Fabricator or that special inspection shall be provided in accordance with OSSC 17011704.
  • A list of quality control personnel, giving position, name, years of quality control experience or other qualifications and the name of the immediate supervisor. Include current certifications and qualifications of facility QC inspectors (including backup or 2nd shift inspectors). QC personnel shall maintain current ICC Structural Steel and Welding Special Inspector, and/or AWS/CWI certifications.
  • QC personnel shall be employed on a full-time basis by the fabricator for each registered facility. Their primary responsibility shall be quality control.

Additional documentation 

A certificate from a nationally accredited evaluation agency for Structural Steel Fabricator (AISC, IAS or other qualified agencies)

Approval process

Once the Quality Systems Manual is reviewed and approved by the Building Official, the fabricator shop is approved as “Approved Fabricator” and the special inspection will not be required for structural members fabricated on the premises of the fabricator shop.

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