Fairview Plan


The Fairview Plan is a master plan that establishes goals and policies to guide future development within the Fairview Mixed-Use zone, which applies to the 275-acre former Fairview Training Center Site in South Salem. The site is bordered by Reed, Pringle, Strong and Battlecreek roads. [Salem Revised Code Chapter 530

The plan, which was approved in 2005, promotes redevelopment that fosters the following:

  • Sustainability
  • Mixed-use development
  • Greater housing and transportation options
  • Provision of open space
  • Protection of natural features


The Fairview Plan is a compilation of documents, including the Fairview Training Center Redevelopment Master Plan, which is Exhibit 1. The other exhibits listed below are studies and inventories that are components of the plan.

Exhibit 1 Fairview training center redevelopment master plan5144 KB
Exhibit 2 Transportation impact analysis2961 KB
Exhibit 3 Revised transportation and mobility study1430 KB
Exhibit 4 Natural resources inventory9956 KB
Exhibit 5 Fairview training center historic analysis and inventory2176 KB


The following attachments are maps that support the plan:

Attachment A Off street pathway and open space plan317 KB
Attachment B Mobility plan483 KB
Attachment C Existing slope analysis1500 KB
Attachment D Street network plan1175 KB
Attachment E Map of surrounding areas774 KB
Attachment F Existing natural resources212 KB
Attachment G Built resources190 KB
Attachment H Topography and slopes2001 KB
Attachment I table of soils277 KB
Attachment J Topography and views396 KB
Attachment K Existing building reuse plan329 KB
Attachment L Map486 KB

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