Federal Forms and Information

​The following PDF forms have been designed for electronic completion and are fillable. In order to use these forms Adobe Reader version 8 or newer is needed.

Quarterly Reports (S1-07, 07a, 07b) and Payment Requests (S1-10) are now completed through salemgrants.org

Multi-Family Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan 2016548 KB
Affirmative Fair Marketing Plan500 KB
Income Limits and Rents for 2017102 KB
Tenant Income Certification (English)1287 KB
Tenant Income Certification (Spanish)87 KB
Prohibited Lease Terms41 KB
Home Addendum18 KB
Tenant Based Rental Assistance Set Up Form469 KB
Annual Home Certification of Student Status115 KB
Fair Labor Standards Provisions463 KB
General Conditions for Small Construction Projects (5370EZ)622 KB
General Conditions for Non-Construction Projects Section 1 (5370C)510 KB
General Conditions for Non-Construction Projects Section 2 (5370C)482 KB
Labor Relations Process20 KB
Preconstruction Meeting Revised January 201250 KB
Certified Payroll October 2015165 KB
Certified Payroll Instructions October 2015226 KB
Employee Interview Record20 KB
Payroll Authorization148 KB
Request for Additional Classifications167 KB
Contractor Roster134 KB
Board Member Certification374 KB
Requirements Checklist184 KB
Staff Roster110 KB
CHDO Board Member Roster115 KB
Low Income Representative Certification177 KB
Employees Rights Poster118 KB
Onsite Project Wage Rate Sheet348 KB
Client Eligibility Application (English)699 KB
Client Eligibility Application (Spanish)298 KB
Annual Property Report October 2015366 KB
Policy Waiver Request Form115 KB
Reporting Equal Opportunity Employment72 KB
Section 3 Summary Report3348 KB
Section 3 Certification 2016197 KB

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