Fewer Crashes, Pedestrian Safety are Goals of New Traffic Cameras

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pedestrian in red shoes crossing at crosswalk

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Starting April 1, the City of Salem aims to reduce crashes and protect pedestrians with new traffic enforcement cameras at three high-traffic intersections:

  • Commercial at Madrona SE
  • Commercial at Kuebler SE
  • Center at Hawthorne NE

Drivers who fail to stop for a red light or exceed the speed limit at these high-traffic intersections, may be caught on camera and issued tickets.

"Speed plays a major role in motor vehicle crashes, especially those resulting in serious injuries," says Steve Powers, Salem City Manager. "Our goal is to improve driver behavior and safety for everyone at high-volume intersections. Changing driver habits will make Salem's roads safer for everyone who uses them."

A two-week grace period where violators caught on camera will receive warnings begins April 1. After that, enforcement will begin on violations captured by the system.

System testing at these intersections has been under way since mid-2020. The cameras show vehicles travel at high speeds through these intersections. Statistics from similar cameras added in 2008 saw a 92 percent decrease in intersection crashes after cameras were added.

The cameras are just part of increased safety measures that have been added in Salem over the last few years.