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​Let us know your concerns about the Salem Police Department. The Salem Police Department is committed to providing courteous and effective service to all Salem residents. Police employees are expected to treat every individual with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

Sometimes a complaint is a simple misunderstanding, and other times a formal investigation and report is required. Nonetheless, every complaint is taken very seriously.

Please note: The process cannot address complaints about legal issues such as whether a citation should have been issued or finding guilt or innocence in a criminal case. Those concerns must be addressed by a court of law.

If you are not comfortable speaking to the police department, you can contact the Community Police Review Board liaison to assist you at 503‑588‑6255.

Make a complaint

Step 1: Talk to someone about your experience using one of the following ways

Stop by to speak with a supervisor in person at the Salem Police Department, 333 Division St NE

Call to speak with a police supervisor any time of the day o​​​r night: 503‑588‑6123, select option 1

Or call the Office of Professional Standards during regular business hours: 503‑588‑6160

Send an email to the Office of Professional Standards: [email protected]

Write your complaint on the paper form and return by mail: 333 Division St NE, Salem OR 97301

Online using the button below

File complaint

​Be sure to include the following information

Your name, address, and phone number
You may need to be contacted for additional information, and you will be contacted with the investigation findings.

Describe what happened.
Include when and where the incident occurred.
Include the name of the officer(s) or employee(s) involved.

Include the names and contact information for any witnesses.

Include the police report number, if you have it.

Your identity and the nature of your complaint will only be shared with others who need to know, such as the persons directly involved in the incident, their supervisors, and the Chief of Police.

​Step 2: The investigation

Your complaint is reviewed, and the employee is notified about the core of your complaint. Salem Police Department employees are held accountable to professional standards such as:

  • Department written polices and procedures
  • Contemporary police training
  • Federal, state, and local laws

Your complaint is assigned.
The supervisor of the involved employee(s) or the Professional Standards sergeant will investigate your complaint.

​Step 3: The findings

The findings are discussed with you.
You will receive a letter or phone call from the investigator when the investigation is concluded. A report describes the complaint and provides the findings.

The report is reviewed by the employee's supervisor and the Chief of Police. A record of the complaint remains on file and available for supervisory review of employee performance. If it is determined a violation or misconduct has occurred, the employee may face disciplinary action.

Appeal to the Community Police Review Board

If you are not satisfied with the results of the Salem Police Department investigation, you may contact the Community Police Review Board (CPRB).

The CPRB is a panel of residents, appointed by the City Council to review complaints if you, the complainant, are not satisfied with the results of the police internal investigation.

To participate in the CPRB process to appeal the decision, contact the liaison at 503‑588‑6255. You must complete the following:

Make your request within 90 days of the date you were informed by the police department of the investigation results.

Sign a release of information and agree to waive your rights regarding the disclosure of this information to the CPRB.

Attend a hearing. A hearing date will be scheduled within 30 days of your request. The hearing is open to the public. You and up to 2 witnesses may testify before the CPRB.

The board will discuss the complaint in a closed session. You will receive notification when the final report is available. You may be present at the next CPRB meeting when the report is presented.

The CPRB may make recommendations regarding the complaint to the Chief of Police and the City Manager.​​​​​​​​​​​

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