Find an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you own an electric car, you can find a charging station in many public parking areas including:

  • Salem Public Library
  • Salem Convention Center
  • Chemeketa Parkade
  • Liberty Parkade
  • Marion Parkade
  • West Salem Library

Pay for charging

Blink Plus and Blink Basic Members make payments through their InCards. InCards can be activated at anytime by signing up as a Blink Plus or Blink Basic member on the Blink website. Cards can take seven to 10 days to arrive by mail.

No membership is required to use a Blink station. If you are not a registered member, payment can be made using a Blink Guest Code, which can be accessed using any mobile device or the Blink Mobile App.

Metered and permitted parking spaces

Paying to charge your electric vehicle at a charging station does not exempt you from other charges that may apply for the parking space. If the charging station is located in a space that requires a parking permit or a metered space, you must pay those fees in addition to the charging station fees.

Additional information

Other resources of interest include the following:

  • Electric Vehicle spaces are available for charging vehicles only.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging at Home Smart Guide is a fact sheet from the Oregon Building Codes Division about charging electrical vehicles at home.
  • DriveOregon is a website with information, news, and events related to electric vehicles in Oregon.
Electric vehicle plugged in to charge

Contact us

Public Works Department
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem OR 97301

​Map of electric vehicle charging stations

​List of charging stations by business name

​Business name​Address​Number of spaces
Central Library585 Liberty ST SE2
Chemeketa Parkade338 Commercial ST NE4
Energy Department625 Marion ST SE1
Fred Meyer3740 Market ST NE1
Liberty Parkade199 Liberty ST SE1
Marion Parkade400 Marion ST NE2
Mission Mill Museum1313 Mill ST SE2
PGE4245 Kale ST NE1
Pringle Creek Community3911 Village Center DR SE1
Riverfront Park200 Water ST NE2
Salem Convention Center200 Commercial ST NE2
Salem Electric633 7th ST NW1
Walgreens1992 Lancaster RD NE1
Walgreens2150 Fairgrounds RD NE1
Walgreens4380 Commercial ST SE1
Walgreens4730 South Liberty ST SE1
Walgreens699 Wallace RD NW1
Walmart1940 Turner RD SE2
Walmart3025 Lancaster DR NE2
Walmart5250 Commercial ST SE2
West Salem1320 Edgewater ST NW1
West Salem Library395 Glenn Creek RD NW2