Flooding Concerns for Park Visitors and Overnight Campers

The City of Salem warns park visitors and campers of possible flooding along creek banks and lower elevations. Due to ongoing concerns of flooding this time of year, camping near low-level areas is not allowed and park visitors are encouraged to watch for signs and stay away from known wetlands. Check out our interactive map for visual represention of this guidance. 

Currently, the City has approved two locations within their public park system for overnight camping. Both parks, Wallace Marine and Cascade Gateway have designated locations for tents away from flood danger. Restrictions about camping in low elevations or near waterways have been shared with campers.

The City continues to work with homeless advocate groups, volunteers, and local non-profit organizations to connect campers with local resources to indoor shelter and additional supplies such as tents, tarps, and sleeping bags. 

Higher elevation camping locations 
Cascades Gateway Park: northeast corner of the park in the meadow east of Blue Gill Lake, north of the Blue Gill Reservation area, eastern side and the east entrance of the dog park

Wallace Marine Park: select locations inside the berm along field sides.

Reminders for park visitors and overnight campers
No excavation, digging, trenching, fires, or other land alterations are allowed in City of Salem parks. Tent camping is only allowed in designated camping areas as part of the City's Emergency Housing Declaration. Visitors who believe users are in violation of these orders are encouraged to report their concerns through the City's website.

How the community can help
The City encourages anyone who may want to get involved to consider volunteering with one of Salem's homeless service providers or non-profit organizations. We thank the many non-profit, private, and government organizations that have joined us in seeking proactive solutions for our unsheltered populations. Information about getting involved is posted on the City's website.

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