Floodplain Information

River flooding with overhanging trees.

The City provides a wide range of floodplain information and services to the community including maps, boundary verification, and flooding data.

Floodplain services

The City can determine the relationship of a particular property to the floodplain, including:

  • Whether the property is located within the FEMA mapped Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map information for the property
  • Base flood elevation and flood depth data for property, if available
  • Whether the property is located within the floodway
  • Natural floodplain function areas that should be protected, such as wetlands

Please contact us for further assistance with these services.

Flood maps and studies

FEMA produces Flood Insurance Studies and Flood Insurance Rate Maps FIRM. These resources describe flood hazards based on the best available science and information available. They serve as the bases for determining when floodplain development and insurance requirements apply to structures. The City of Salem maintains copies of all FIRM panels and the Flood Insurance Study for the City of Salem. Copies or further information is available by request.

Navigate and view the local floodplain map which includes parcels, FIRM information, and floodway and floodplain boundaries.

Access FEMA floodplain maps online to find all flood hazard mapping products created under the National Flood Insurance Program.

Contact us

Public Works Department
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
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​Additional resources

Phone Number
Tree Trimming or Removal PermitCity Planners can provide information about protection of vegetation and trees along waterways and tree removal.
Emergency and Disaster PreparednessFor assistance in an emergency, call 911. Contact us to learn more about preparing for a disaster or for information on the City's emergency management program.
Salem Public Library WebsiteThe library collection contains floodplain publications and other floodplain-related information.
Call dispatch if you discover problems with a street or your water / sewer service (i.e. broken pipe, pothole, environmental spill, clogged street drain).
Contact Development Services to speak with a Floodplain Manager or if you have questions about the interactive floodplain map.
Mid Willamette Valley High Water WatchView current stream levels and rainfall data in near real-time from a number of sites across the City.
Floodsmart WebsiteThe Floodsmart website provides information about the National Flood Insurance Program, answers questions about flood insurance, and provides assistance to find local insurance agents that offer flood insurance.
Oregon Department of State Lands WebsiteDSL reviews and issues removal/fill permits for development activities in waterways and wetlands.
USACE Flood Risk Management WebsiteTo find out more information about the USACE Flood Risk Management Program.