Friends of Trees Planting Events Are Back

Hands holding an oak leaf.

Friends of Trees planting events are back in Salem! Planting events will resume on November 13 at Orchard Heights Park and continue through May 2022. The volunteer events take place across Salem at Orchard Heights Park, McKay Park, Highland Park, North Lancaster Neighborhood, and Brown Road Park. 

Planting trees in Salem has many benefits including:  

  • Increasing the tree canopy, which helps cool the city. 
  • Shading streams and keeping water cool, when planted streamside. 
  • Capturing carbon dioxide, helping to combat climate change.
  • Filtering air pollutants to provide better air quality. 
  • Providing habitat for wildlife. 

Friends of Trees is following certain protocols for COVID-19. You can read more about these protocols on the Friends of Trees website. Find the protocol information and calendar for Friends of Trees tree planting events in Salem.

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