Apply for a Water Meter Permit

To connect a property to City water or wastewater services for the first time, you will need a permit. You may need a water meter permit if you are constructing a new building or dividing a home into two independent dwelling units.

You do not need to fill out an application form. But if the utility service is for a home, you can complete a residential water meter sizing worksheet. Then contact a Public Works Department permit specialist by phone or in-person at the Permit Application Center, and they will assist you. 

In some cases, the entire permit application process can be completed by phone. In other cases, you may need to talk to someone in person. Call for more information, and be ready to provide:

  • Address of the property
  • Details of the project
  • Your name and contact information, including your phone number
Water meter on brick sidewalk.

Contact us

Public Works Department
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
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