Hearings Officer Order of Proceedings

Regular meetings of the Hearings Officer follow a set order of proceedings:

  1. Describe the request including: case name, applicable criteria, and request for objections on
    jurisdictional grounds
  2. Summary of staff report, presented by staff
  3. Applicant’s presentation [limit of 15 minutes total]
  4. Report from neighborhood association [limit of 10 minutes]
  5. Testimony from those in favor or opposition [limit of 5 minutes per person,
    discretionary] starting with statement of your name and address for the record.
  6. Rebuttal by applicant, limited in scope to issues raised in opposition [limit of 5
  7. Close of public hearing; no additional testimony will be received.

Testimony guidelines

Before testifying, please review the following information:

Any person testifying may request a continuance to address additional documents or evidence submitted in favor of the application. In this request, please identify the new document or evidence in your testimony and the Hearings Officer will determine whether a continuance is warranted.

Any person testifying may also request that the record remain open for seven days to submit additional written evidence. If granted, the applicant may also request an additional seven days in which to respond to any submissions.

Prior to each hearing, the Hearings Officer will outline the applicable approval criteria, which is also printed on the back of the Notice of the Hearing. The testimony and evidence for the public hearing must be directed towards these criteria.

When providing testimony, please clearly state your name and mailing address for the record.

Prior to the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearings Officer will ask the applicant if he wishes to waive the seven-day period to submit additional argument.

The Hearings Officer closes the public hearing. At this point, the hearing record is also closed unless a continuance was granted. When the hearing record is closed, no further testimony or evidence can be received. If a continuance is granted, the deadlines for submissions will be stated. The hearing record will then close at 5:00 p.m. on the stated date.