Hearings Officer

​​The City Council appoints one or more members of the Oregon State Bar to serve as Hearings Officer. The Hearings Officer has the authority to hear any matter listed in the Salem Revised Code (SRC) as the responsibility of the Hearings Officer and any matter referred by the City Council.

Duties of the Hearings Officer

The Hearings Officers has the following powers [SRC 2.035]:

  • Conduct quasi-judicial hearings
  • Serve as the expedited land division referee
  • Administer oaths or affirmations
  • Serve as a special master
  • Make findings of fact in matters referred by the City Council
  • Prepare a record of quasi-judicial proceedings
  • Make findings of act and conclusions of law in all quasi-judicial proceedings heard by the Hearings Officer.

Agendas and meeting minutes

hearings-officer-hearing-notice-2018-08-08.pdf8/8/20189601 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/2018153 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/20182601 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/20183366 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-07-11.pdf7/11/2018153 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-07-11.pdf7/11/20181402 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-07-11.pdf.pdf7/11/20184020 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-c-2018-07-11.pdf.pdf7/11/20183505 KB
hearings-officer-addendum-a.pdf6/13/20182332 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-06-13.pdf6/13/2018149 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-04-25.pdf4/25/201893 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-04-25.pdf4/25/20181679 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-04-25.pdf4/25/20182229 KB
hearings-officer-addendum-a-2018-04-11.pdf4/11/20183588 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-04-11.pdf4/11/201891 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-03-14.pdf3/14/201891 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-03-14.pdf3/14/20184604 KB
cu18-01-staff-report.pdf2/28/20181514 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-02-28.pdf2/28/201891 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2018-02-28.pdf2/28/201823 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-01-10.pdf1/10/2018151 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2018-01-10.pdf1/10/201886 KB
spr-adj-dap17-26-appeal-staff-report.pdf1/10/20186727 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2017-12-20.pdf12/20/2017155 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2017-12-20.pdf12/20/20171225 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2017-12-20.pdf12/20/20173438 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2017-12-20.pdf12/20/2017113 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2017-09-27.pdf9/27/201799 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2017-09-27.pdf9/27/2017588 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2017-09-27.pdf9/27/2017533 KB
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Aug. 08
Hearings Officer Meeting5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301
Aug. 13
West Salem Library Closed for Renovation July 9 - August 20 West Salem Library
395 Glen Creek RD NW
Salem OR 97304
Aug. 22
Hearings Officer5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301
Sep. 03
Labor Day
Sep. 12
Hearings Officer Meeting5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301
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