Help Keep Storm Drains Clear

You can help the City and your neighbors prevent street flooding by dispoing of your leaves and adopting a storm drain.​​ 

​​​​​We appeciate your help in preventing local street flooding

​The combination of fallen leaves, and other debris can clog storm drains which can lead to local street flooding and poor driving conditions.

Please avoid raking and blowing your leaves into City streets as it is prohibited by Salem Revised Code. Property owners are responsible for leaves that fall on their side of the curb. The City is responsible for removing to deal with leaves that fall into City streets.

Inexpensive ways to dispose of fallen leaves

  • Leaf haul: ​​Take your leaves to the free annual Fall Leaf Haul​ event.
  • Yard waste bin: Place your leaves in your yard waste bin. Additional bins can be ordered from your garbage hauler for an additional monthly fee.
  • Compost: Place leaves in your compost bin. For more information on compositing check out Marion County composting resources​

Adopt a storm drain

Follow these tips to keep storm drains clear:

  1. Grab a rake, gloves, boots, and a bin to collect leaves.
  2. Raking or blowing leaves into the street is prohibited. Put your raked leaves in a waste bin, compost pile, or take them to the free Fall Leaf Haul event.
  3. For your safety, remain on the curb when raking leaves, and never remove the storm drain cover.

If standing water persists after the debris has been removed, call Public Works Dispatch.

Each year, Salem’s street sweepers collect an average of 450 dump truck loads of leaves from City streets.

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