Help Redraw Salem City Council Ward Boundaries

​You are invited to join in the process of adjusting City Council ward boundaries this fall to assure the population of each ward is about equal. The City analyzes the wards right after the U.S. Census every 10 years through a process called "reapportionment."

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The goal of redrawing the boundaries is to get all eight wards as close as possible to 21,942, one-eighth of Salem's 2020 Census population of 175,535. Current ward populations vary from the goal by as little as 1.6% to as much as 13.1%.

Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments has analyzed the Census data and prepared three alternative ward boundary maps ward reapportionment. Please review the alternatives below and comment. Additional documents examining demographics and comparing the alternatives to neighborhood associations and Oregon House of Representative Districts are included in the "Documents" section below.

Salem City Council Wards Redistricting Alternatives 2021

You will have the chance to comment on the maps and when the alternatives are presented to the City Council November 8. City Council will also provide input at that meeting. We'll also have a couple of virtual open houses following the November 8 meeting, where you'll be able to ask questions and share comments. Get the open house Zoom links here:

Tuesday, November 9, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 10, 12-1 p.m.

We expect the City Council will hold a public hearing and select a final alternative for approval in late November.

Learn more about the process.


Alternative 1 Boundary Scenario

Alternative 2 Boundary Scenario

Alternative 3 Boundary Scenario

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