Help Salem Preserve Our Historical Places

​Is there a property, neighborhood, or special place you'd like to see designated as a historic resource? Check out this link (you can sign in as a guest or create an account) and tell us your suggestions.
map link to nominate a historic property


​Historical preservation is important for many reasons, including economic, environmental, cultural and educational. Salem successfully completed most of the tasks from its existing Historic Plan, focusing on five goals:

  • Code improvements
  • Public education
  • Incentives (economic and recognition)
  • Survey
  • Heritage tourism

We've hired a qualified preservation consultant, Painter Preservation, to help the Historic Landmarks Commission assess the completed work. The consultant will also help create a needs assessment and updated goals and tasks for the next ten years. The work is supported by City staff and grant-funded by Certified Local Government, which promotes local historic preservation.

The Historic Preservation Plan Update will be completed in four phases over the next year:

Phase 1: Define the need (summer-fall 2019)

Phase 2: Develop the plan (winter 2019-2020)

Phase 3: Create action items (spring 2020)

Phase 4: City Council adoption (June 2020)

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