Hilfiker Park

​Hilfiker Park is a neighborhood park located in the Morningside neighborhood. While described as undeveloped, the surrounding neighbors have helped to complete initial enhancements since it was acquired by the City of Salem as park land in 2003. These improvements include:

  • Irrigated play field that is approximately 15,000 square feet
  • 1,750-foot-long, unpaved pedestrian trail
  • Accessible picnic table
  • Dog waste station
  • Trash receptacle

These enhancements were completed in cooperation with the Morningside Neighborhood Association with funding provided from the Salem Park Improvement Fund.

Hours & location
5am to 10pm
1350 Hilfiker Ln SE
Salem, Oregon
Park features
Picnic Tables

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Parks and Recreation Services
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem OR 97301
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Recreation News

Hilfiker Park Master Plan Project

 Salem is developing a master plan for Hilfiker Park.  Master planning organizes the use and development of park land, and it is the first step toward significant park improvements.

Feedback received

Through a series of public workshops and two community surveys, the City has heard that park users and local residents are interested in keeping the natural character of the park while providing a space for children to play. There is addition interest in pedestrian and bicycle access to the park from Hilfiker Lane.

Design concepts

Based on initial community input, City staff prepared three design concepts that focused on the type and intensity of the park amenities to be added and different strategies to improve access.

Preferred design

Feedback on these concepts has guided the preparation of a preferred design. This preferred design envisions future public access from Hilfiker Lane, potential park expansion, and a playground with innovative nature play features. Other aspects of the design seek to provide a neighborhood gathering area, expand trails, and habitat enhancements.

Next steps

A process is now underway to adopt the preferred design as a master plan for Hilfiker Park. As a first step, the draft master plan will be presented to the Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. A public hearing by the City Council will then be scheduled. To get the latest news, sign up for the project email list.

Once adopted by the City Council, the park master plan will provide a comprehensive vision for the Hilfiker Park within context of its location, resources, and community preferences. This vision will guide future park improvements and enhancements.

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2/28/2018Hilfiker Park Community Survey #2 Responses427 KB
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2/28/2018Hilfiker Park Workshop 3 Pesentation Slides1994 KB
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1/24/2018Hilfiker Park Workshop2 Design Alternative A2822 KB
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1/24/2018Hilfiker Park Workshop2 Design Alternative C2796 KB
12/15/2017Hilfiker Park Survey 1 Responses495 KB
12/15/2017Hilfiker Park Workshop 1 and Survey 1 Summary323 KB
11/2/2017Hilfiker Park Workshop 1 presentation slides - 11-2-178247 KB
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Project contact

Rob RomanekParks PlannerPublic Works Department
Mailing address:
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem, OR 97301

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