Historic Landmarks Commission


​The Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) was established in 1986 with the City’s adoption of a Historic Preservation Program. In 2010, an updated Historic Preservation Plan was adopted by the City and acts as the workplan for the HLC. The commission holds public meetings the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. It also meets as needed to conduct alteration reviews or other business.

Commission roles includes:

  • Advising the Council on matters pertaining to historic sites and structures in Salem
  • Administering the Historic Preservation Ordinance
  • Helping property owners preserve historic structures

The Commission is made up of City residents who volunteer their time and professional expertise to:

  • Review, designate, and encourage the preservation of historic resources
  • Review certain development applications for conformance with the historic preservation code standards and guidelines

Commission members must be residents of Salem or have their business in Salem, and they must have an interest in historic preservation. Additional commission membership requirements include:

  • At least five of the members must meet the United States Secretary of the Interiors Historic Preservation Qualification Standards to the extent that professionals meeting those standards are available in the community. In making such appointments, the mayor should consider the applicants qualifications in the fields of:

    • Archaeology
    • Architectural history
    • Conservation
    • Cultural anthropology
    • Curation
    • Engineering
    • Folklore
    • Historic architecture
    • Historic landscape architecture
    • Historic preservation
    • Historic preservation planning
    • History
Number of members: 9
Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment
Length of term: 3 years
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1/18/2018hlc-agenda-2018-01-18.pdf375 KB
12/21/2017historic-landmarks-commission-agenda-2017-12-21.pdf375 KB
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11/16/2017historic-landmarks-commission-addendum-a-2017-11-16.pdf7137 KB
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11/16/2017historic-landmarks-commission-agenda-2017-11-16.pdf376 KB
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10/19/2017historic-landmarks-commission-agenda-2017-10-19.pdf373 KB
10/19/2017historic-landmarks-commission-agenda-revised-2017-10-19.pdf384 KB
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9/21/2017historic-landmarks-commission-addendum-a.pdf4041 KB
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9/21/2017historic-landmarks-commission-agenda-2017-09-21.pdf381 KB
9/21/2017historic-landmarks-commission-minutes-2017-09-21.pdf98 KB
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8/17/2017his17-34-staff-report.pdf788 KB
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8/17/2017historic-landmarks-commission-minutes-2017-08-17.pdf222 KB
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Historic Landmarks Commission Rules1147 KB
Historic Landmarks Commission Work Plan (2018)523 KB
3/23/2018his18-09-decision600 Church Street BRIDGE6683 KB
3/21/2018his18-10-decision260 Liberty St NE2334 KB
3/20/2018his18-07-decision455 Court Street NE1628 KB
3/9/2018his18-05-decision109-117 Commercial St NE6695 KB
2/27/2018his18-06-decision1498 Court St NE5424 KB
2/16/2018his17-40-mod1-decision201-211 Commercial St NE5821 KB
1/26/2018revised-his18-01-decision2121 High Street SE2815 KB
1/24/2018his17-42-decision500 13th Street SE5280 KB
1/24/2018his18-01-decision2121 High Street SE1684 KB
1/19/2018his16-36mod1-decision148 Liberty Street NE4526 KB
1/12/2018his17-46-decision712 High Street SE1679 KB
12/22/2017his17-36-decision475 Leslie Street SE4109 KB
12/8/2017his17-43-decision1575 Cottage St SE1374 KB
11/21/2017his17-45-decision2600 Center St NE1026 KB
11/17/2017his17-40-decision201-211 Commercial St NE1459 KB
11/3/2017his17-44-decision388 State Street1845 KB
9/22/2017his17-34-decision210 Candalaria Blvd. S.2887 KB
9/22/2017his17-38-decision231-233 Commercial St NE2222 KB
9/1/2017his17-09-decision268 17th St NE331 KB
8/31/2017his17-37-revised-decision2575 Center St NE1196 KB
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Term Expires
Andrew HendrieAt-Large06/01/20132nd12/31/2018
Carroll J CottinghamAt-Large12/11/20171st12/31/2019
Jamie FrenchPreservation Professional,02/14/2017Partial12/31/2018
Jennifer M TimbrookAt-Large04/09/20151st12/31/2020
Kevin T SundProfessional04/13/20151st12/31/2020
Lindsey KerrProfessional12/11/2017Partial12/31/2018
Russell SchutteProfessional12/12/20161st12/31/2020
Aug. 16
Historic Landmarks Commission5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301
Sep. 20
Historic Landmarks Commission5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301
Oct. 18
Historic Landmarks Commission5:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Council Chambers
555 Liberty ST SE RM 240
Salem OR 97301

Contact us

Kimberli FitzgeraldSenior Planner, Historic Preservation OfficerCommunity Development Department
555 Liberty ST SE RM 305
Salem OR 97305