IAFF (Fire) Employee Benefits

​The City of Salem offers their career IAFF employees a generous benefits package.


HDHP - Plan Document1474 KBhdhp-plan-document.pdf
HDHP - Summary of Benefits Coverage606 KBhdhp-sbc.pdf
Health Insurance Enrollment Form123 KBhealth-insurance-enrollment-form.pdf
Health Plan Premium Rate Sheet107 KBhealth-plan-premium-rate-sheet.pdf
Kaiser - Plan Document901 KBkaiser-medical-plan-document.pdf
PPO Plan Document - IAFF1481 KBppo-plan-document-iaff.pdf
PPO Summary of Benefits Coverage - All Other Groups613 KBppo-sbc-all-other-groups.pdf
PPO Summary of Benefits Coverage - IAFF612 KBppo-sbc-iaff.pdf
Summary of Benefits Coverage - Glossary90 KBsbc-glossary.pdf
Willamette Dental Plan Document
618 KB
Delta Dental Plan - Summary of Benefits
207 KB
Willamette Dental - Summary of Benefits
149 KB
Willamette Dental Enrollment Guide
3070 KB
Incentive Dental Plan Document
1725 KB
Traditional Dental Plan Document
1722 KB
Vision Plan - $500243 KBvision-plans-$500.pdf

Cascade Centers - EAP (800) 433-2320

EAP - Online Resources1262 KBeap-resources-online.pdf
EAP - Summary of Services109 KBeap-summary-of-services.pdf
Life Coaching826 KBeap-flyer-life-coaching.pdf
Lifepilot413 KBeap-flyer-lifepilot.pdf
Military Assistance1691 KBeap-flyer-military-assistance.pdf
Wills137 KBeap-flyer-wills.pdf
EAP Resource Retrieval247 KBeap-flyer-eap-resource-retrieval.pdf
Eldercare247 KBeap-flyer-eldercare.pdf
Financial Coaching464 KBeap-flyer-financial-coaching.pdf
Home Ownership Program315 KBeap-flyer-home-ownership-program.pdf
Hubbub Wellness1329 KBeap-flyer-hubbub-wellness.pdf
ID Theft Services515 KBeap-flyer-id-theft-services.pdf
FSA - Frequently Asked Questions424 KBfsa-faqs.pdf
FSA - Plan Document436 KBfsa-plan-document.pdf
Life - ADD IAFF and BC's Policy125 KBlifeadd-policy-iaff-bc.pdf
LTD - Fire Management Policy121 KBltd-policy-fire-management.pdf
LTD - IAFF and BC's Policy121 KBltd-policy-iaff-bcs.pdf
Additional AD&D Policy70 KBadditional-add-policy.pdf
Additional AD&D Summary36 KBadditional-add-summary.pdf
Additional Life Policy186 KBadditional-life-policy.pdf
Additional Life Summary201 KBadditional-life-summary.pdf
Long Term Care - Coverage Outline91 KBlong-term-care-coverage-outline.pdf
Long Term Care - Plan Highlights122 KBlong-term-care-plan-highlights.pdf
Long Term Care - Plan Option Rates387 KBlong-term-care-plan-options-rates.pdf
PERS New Member Brochure167 KBpers-new-member-brochure.pdf
457 Roth Options10127 KB457-roth-option.pdf
457 Retirement Choice II Booklet510 KB457-retirement-choice-ii-booklet.pdf
457 Online Account Access Instructions1862 KB457-online-account-access-instructions.pdf
457 Core Investment Options191 KB457-core-investment-options.pdf
457 Brokerage Window Options866 KB457-brokerage-window-option.pdf
CERA Information169 KBcera-information.pdf
Employee Parking Permits17 KBemployee-parking-permits.pdf
Hearing Health Discount Program759 KBhearing-health-discount-program.pdf
Travel Assistance96 KBtravel-assistance.pdf
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2016 Required Notices145 KBrequired-notices.pdf
General Cobra Notice39 KBgeneral-cobra-notice.pdf
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices117 KBhipaa-notice-of-privacy-practices.pdf
Marketplace Coverage Options54 KBmarketplace-coverage-options.pdf

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