We Matter—ILEAD Youth Summit 2018

2018 Event Banner: We Matter

9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Saturday, November 3rd

Reduce stress. Cope with life. Help others.

Join high schoolers from around Marion and Polk Counties for our 10th anniversary celebration. Download flyer and download registration form.

​Top 10 things you need to know

  1. ILEAD is FREE.
  2. Summit is held this Fall at the Oregon 4-H camp.
  3. Set a cell reminder. This event is Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 2018.
  4. Runs 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Long day and worth every minute.
  5. Any high school student living in Marion/Polk Counties can attend.
  6. You get a free t-shirt, meals and snacks.
  7. Transportation provided.
  8. Registration forms can be downloaded. Many schools will have 'em too.
  9. Dance, rock wall, raffle prizes, dessert food truck and more.
  10. Get ready to change your world.

Workshops and activities

Topics focus on:

  • Effective  communication
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Prevention and awareness
  • Goal setting

Games and activities led by college students. The 3rd Annual Rock-paper-scissors Tournament returns.

Who should go?

Are you:

  • A current teen leader in school or the community?
  • A teen who cares about causes or issues but doesn't know where to get involved?
  • A youth who wants to figure themselves out a little more?
  • A person who'd like to learn a little about how to use your skills and giftings in the real world?
  • A student who just wants to check things out, have fun and get better at life?

If your answered yes to any of these questions, ILEAD Summit is for you.

Introducing our keynote speakers and workshop facilitators

Keynote speaker – Maya Vences

Maya Vences is Chicana, a graduate of West Salem High School ('18), and the 2018 Oregon Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. Having found herself in a place of mental instability and later receiving a mental health disorder diagnosis, she has become a strong mental health advocate seeking to help peers overcome stigmas while encouraging them to find support. Maya is an active member in her community taking on leadership roles with service projects, helping redirect first-time offenders to engage in positive spaces like the Boys & Girls Club, and raising funds for local non-profits in order to provide services in the community. Currently, she is attending Western Oregon University studying to serve as a Psychiatric Nurse.

Master of Ceremonies – Sonny Saltalamachia 

Sonny Saltalamachia has been working with youth in the Marion County area since 2006 and exclusively with young people struggling with Addiction/Mental Health issues since 2010. He has an associate’s degree in Addiction Studies, Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Counseling. He is a registered intern with the State of Oregon as he pursues his Professional Counseling Licensure. Currently, he is the Clinical Supervisor for the Adolescent Program at Bridgeway Recovery Services. He understands the depth of youth issues on a personal level as he battled Addiction and Anxiety as a teenager; not to mention being a lifelong Raiders fan causing him years of disappointment and frustration. He is happily married to his wife Rachel, with two rambunctious little boys, and they just welcomed in their new baby girl Joy to the world. He’s passionate about seeing young people find their value in life. 


Announcement coming soon.


Coping with Stress
Presented by YouthLine:  A service of Lines for Life.

What’s your definition of stress?  Not your parents’ definition but yours.  What causes it?  How do you cope with it?  This interactive workshop presented by youth will help participants recognize stressors and guide teens on what to do next.  Plus, learn about resources and supports for you and your classmates.   

Teen-Living in the Digital Age
Presented by Marion County Prevention Services

Workshop summary coming soon.

People Need People
Presented by Bridgeway Recovery Youth Services

Suicide.  Not a fun topic but a necessary one.  In this workshop you’ll learn that you already possess everything needed to help prevent suicide in your community.  Be empowered:  together we can help our friends, classmates, and loved ones.  Let’s start the conversation on suicide and let’s end it talking about life!

Teen Life in a Video Gaming Culture
Presented by Satellite Gaming

The culture of video games is in a constant state of growth. With new advances in technology, new varieties of games and new opportunities for money, there is always something to learn. Satellite Gaming is diving into this unique culture with the goal of bringing out every bit of positivity that can be found. In this workshop, you will learn about gaming in universities, eSports, career opportunities and how you can better understand and serve the ever growing culture of gaming as a young leader in your community. Please note: This workshop is a resource for all, not just those who play video games. 

ILEAD Youth Summit 2018 is almost here!

Write it in your planners. Set a reminder on your cell. Download flyer.

Check out our deadlines and burn them into your brain:

  • September 14—Download registration forms from our website.
  • September 19—Registration forms available at schools.
  • October 26—Registration deadline extended. Submit forms to school contact by 5 p.m.
    November 1—Email, Facebook and phone confirmations sent out. You will be notified by a Youth Committee member on your registration status.
  • November 3—The summit is here!

​Registration forms

Registrations are first-come, first-served so register early. The last day to register has been extended to October 26th. Turn in completed registration forms to your school’s teacher contact listed below.

Forms must be signed by your parent/guardian.

ILEAD staff will notify you before the event about your registration status.

Teacher contacts (subject to change)

Check the list below to find your teacher contact. If you don’t know who your contact teacher is then just hit up your school’s Main Office and ask for their help tracking down the Teacher contact.

  • Blanchet Catholic HS—Mrs. Beshaw
  • Central HS—Mrs. Thew (Power Peers room)
  • Dallas HS at the Academy Building (182 SW Academy St, Suite 220)
  • Early College HS—Main Office
  • Falls City HS
  • Gervais HS
  • McKay HS—Ms. Bristol, Room 110
  • McNary HS—Main Office
  • North Salem HS—Main Office
  • South Salem HS—Main Office
  • Sprague HS—Main Office
  • West Salem HS—Main Office
  • Woodburn (All Main Offices)
    • WeBSS
    • AIS
    • WACA
    • WAAST
    • Success

Oregon 4-H Camp, 5390 4-H Road NW, Salem, OR 97304

YMCA buses will pick up and drop off at many school campuses.

If you ride the bus to the event, you must ride the bus back to the school where you got on.

An ILEAD Bus Chaperone will be on board for roll-call.

All students riding the bus will need to turn in a bus permission form.

Morning route (subject to change)

​Bus number ​Bus stop location ​Departure time
​1 ​Woodburn High School ​7:50 a.m.
​1 ​Gervais High School ​8:15 a.m.
​2 ​Sprague High School ​7:45 a.m.
​2 ​South Salem High School ​8:05 a.m.
​2 ​West Salem High School ​8:30 a.m.
​3 ​North Salem High School ​7:30 a.m.
​3 ​McKay High School ​7:50 a.m.
​3 ​McNary High School ​8:20 a.m.
​Shuttle Dallas High School ​8:20 a.m.

Evening route (subject to change)

​Bus number ​Bus stop location ​Arrival time
​1 ​Woodburn High School 9:40 p.m.
​1 ​Gervais High School 10:00 p.m.
​2 ​Sprague High School 10:05 p.m.
​2 ​South Salem High School 9:45 p.m.
​2 ​West Salem High School 9:20 p.m.
​3 ​North Salem High School 10:10 p.m.
​3 ​McKay High School 9:55 p.m.
​3 ​McNary High School 9:30 p.m.
​Shuttle Dallas High School 9:35 p.m.


Bus stop locations (subject to change)

  • Central High School, 1530 Monmouth St, Independence OR 97351
  • Dallas High School, 1250 SE Holman Ave, Dallas OR 97338
  • Gervais High School, 300 Douglas Ave NE, Gervais OR 97026
  • McKay High School, 2440 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem OR 97305
  • McNary High School, 595 Chemawa Rd N, Keizer, OR 97303
  • North Salem High School, 765 14th St NE, Salem OR 97304
  • South Salem High School, 1910 Church St SE, Salem OR 97302
  • Sprague High School, 2373 Kuebler Blvd, Salem OR 97302
  • West Salem High School 1776 Titan Dr NW, Salem OR 97304
  • Woodburn High School, 1785 N Front St, Woodburn OR 97071

​Proud Main Event Sponsors

Sponsor logos: City of Salem, Marion County Health Department 

Regional Event Sponsors

Regional Sponsor logos: Polk County, Bridgeway  

Collaboration Committee

Our hard-working volunteer Committee consists of local professionals in the fields of Youth Development, Adolescent Substance Use Prevention and Intervention, Workforce Readiness,  Service Leadership, and Emergency Response. Thank you for your service to youth!

  • Abigail Velasco
  • Abby Bremiller
  • Ann Krier
  • Brandon Southward
  • Joyce Wahl
  • Kacie KIntz
  • Kathy Moore
  • Kyle Buse
  • Laurie Shaw Casarez
  • Michael Vasquez
  • Rick Retzman
  • Sonny Saltalamachia
  • Susan McLauchlin

Youth Committee Representatives

  • Oscar Figueroa, McKay HS
  • Dorion Bell, McKay HS
  • Ambar Ramirez, North Salem HS
  • Eve Manumaleuna, North Salem HS
  • Tiffanie Eaton, South Salem HS
  • Melina Montiel Gomez, South Salem HS
  • Andrew Nguyen, South Salem HS

Check out past Summit photos

​Summit location

Oregon 4-H Camp, 5390 4-H Road NW, Salem, OR 97304

Just outside of West Salem. Take Brush Road all the way out to the countryside. Look for our sign with balloons at 4-H Road.

Contact us

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