In-Person Building Permit Process

Permits requiring plan review may require several trips to the Permit Application Center to talk with staff from different departments.  

Some permits need little or no building plan review and can be issued “over-the-counter” or on the same day.

Prepare application forms, building plans and documents

All building permit application forms are available electronically in PDF format. You can print the form you need and complete it before arriving at the Permit Application Center, or you can get one when you arrive.

When you submit an application in person, you also need to submit the required building plans and documentation. The following checklists can help you decide what you need:

Be prepared to pay your plan review fees when you submit your application and materials. If you are bringing a check, confirm your fees with a permit technician in person or by calling the Permit Application Center in advance. Overpayments are refunded by check upon request.

Respond to plans examiner comments

The plans examiner reviewing your plans will email you a letter explaining any items you need to address.

If the comments require you to submit revised files, use the following guidelines to prepare your files:

  1. If you have less than 10 sheets with changes, include only the sheets with changes.
  2. If you have more than 10 sheets with changes, include a complete set of sheets.
  3. On each changed sheet, identify the changes made with a cloud and revision.

Pick up your permit

Once your plans have been approved and all the fees are paid, you will be notified that your permit and approved plans are ready to be picked up. You can pay your final permit fees at the Permit Application Center when you pick up your permit and approved plans. The building permit and approved plans should be stored on the building site.

Request inspections

Be sure to request a building inspection as required during the construction process.

Obtain certificate of Final Approval and Certificate of Occupancy

When the final inspections have been approved and all administrative steps completed, a Certificate of Final Approval or a Certificate of Occupancy will be emailed to the contractor listed on the permit.

Contact us

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