Infrastructure Bond Engagement Steering Committee

The City Council Steering Committee for Infrastructure Bond Engagement provides guidance on developing the ballot measure that will be before City Council in August 2022 for action, and, if approved, Salem voters in November 2022. Community engagement on the proposal and potential projects is needed. The steering committee will help guide engagement and the criteria to include projects in the building of the bond package, and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the bond measure scope. 

Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment.

Number of members: The steering committee has five members.

Length of term: None


Members of the committee include:

  • Mayor Chuck Bennett, Chair
  • Councilor Gonzalez
  • Councilor Hoy
  • Councilor Stapleton
  • Councilor Varney

Next meeting 

The City Council held a Work Session on May 16, 2022 regarding the Bond. The next meeting of the Infrastructure Bond Engagement Steering Committee is scheduled for June 10, 2022.

Additional input and information

April 15, 2022, Steering Committee Recommendation

4/15/2022Agenda Document
4/15/2022Agenda Document
4/4/2022Agenda Document
4/4/2022Minute Document
3/28/2022Agenda Document
3/28/2022Minute Document
3/18/2022Agenda Document
3/18/2022Agenda Document
3/18/2022Minute Document
2/18/2022Agenda Document
2/18/2022Agenda Document
2/18/2022Minute Document
1/14/2022Agenda Document
1/14/2022Agenda Document
1/14/2022Minute Document
12/3/2021Agenda Document
12/3/2021Agenda Document
12/3/2021Minute Document

Contact us

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555 Liberty St SE RM 220
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