Infrastructure Seen a Priority as Salem Grows

As the city grows, it is most important to the public that Salem has safe, reliable, and efficient infrastructure. That is according to the results of the third Our Salem survey question.

More than 215 people answered the multiple-choice question: “As Salem grows, what is most important to achieve?” Nearly half of all people who responded chose “Safe, reliable, and efficient infrastructure.”

“Welcoming and livable community” came in as the second most popular answer, with about 34 percent of respondents selecting it. Nearly 30 percent of respondents chose the answers, “Natural environment stewardship” and “Safe community.” The other two options, “Strong and diverse economy” and “Good governance” received the least amount of votes.

The City is asking the community questions online every two weeks as part of the Our Salem project to update the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan. In addition to posting the third question online, City staff asked the question at a few public events, including the Strategic Plan community town hall on October 24 and Police Department’s Halloween Dress Rehearsal on October 28.

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