Jason Lee Mission House Archaeological Project

Jason Lee Mission on 960 Broadway in 1937

Jason Lee Mission on 960 Broadway in 1937
Photo: Salem Public Library Historic Photograph Collections, Salem Public Library, Salem, Oregon

Archaeological investigation is beginning at the original site of the Jason Lee Mission house in Salem located at 990 Broadway Street NE and will continue through the first week of May 2020. Constructed between 1840 and 1841 and moved to the Willamette Heritage Center in 1963, it’s the oldest still standing frame structure in the Pacific Northwest.

A base for Jason Lee’s Methodist Mission activity during the 1840s, the site represents one of the most significant places in the history of Euro-American settlement of the Pacific Northwest and American westward expansion.

Originally chosen for its proximity to the Santiam Kalapuya village of Chemeketa, the site also represents a significant point of contact between local Indigenous people and incoming settlers.

Project partners

Partners include:

  • City of Salem Community Development
  • Stantec
  • Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde
  • Willamette University
  • Willamette Heritage Center
  • State Historic Preservation Office

With a special thanks to property owners Luke Glaze and Charles Weathers. 

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