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You can become a neighborhood change-maker and find purpose through service.

​Youth voice. Youth solutions. Youth action.

The Teen Action Team (TAT) Initiative provides fun, service-learning and leadership opportunities in schools and neighborhoods encouraging peer-to-peer advocacy of issues that matter to youth.

This initiative is both a local teen service movement and a collective of programs and projects thanks to collaborative efforts between the City of Salem and local agencies and organizations.

Why service learning? 

  • Social causes are the focus.
  • Teaches civic responsibility, team work, and leadership in real world settings.
  • Helps build on college and career readiness.
  • Strengthens communities.
  • Intentional learning, skill development and reflection components are integrated into the experience.
  • Projects are over a longer period of time to foster a learning experience instead of simply completing a task.
  • Participants are involved in planning & organizing the project with positive adult role models.

“Service-learning is smart teaching, not an add-on.  Service-learning bridges academics with real-world service and teaches collaboration, problem solving, and social responsibility.”​—GenerationOn

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