June 16, 2019 – Salem’s Water is Safe to Drink

​Test results from samples taken this morning are in and they show that the water leaving the water treatment facility and entering Salem's drinking water system is clean and safe to drink. We've posted a link to the data below. 

Test data for entry point to drinking water system: https://www.cityofsalem.net/CityDocuments/aldersgate-elisa-test-data-through-2019-06-16.pdf

The North Santiam River is a dynamic, ever changing natural system. Small amounts of cyanotoxins (at levels below OHA health advisories) have been again detected in the raw North Santiam river water at the entry point into the Geren Island Water Treatment Plant. Test data shows that the water treatment systems are working effectively and the water leaving the water treatment facility is clean and safe to drink.

Test results for raw river water going into water treatment facility: https://www.cityofsalem.net/CityDocuments/intake-elisa-test-data-through-2019-06-16.pdf

Stay up-to-date on the latest water quality test results and learn more about how we are keeping your drinking water safe: https://www.cityofsalem.net/drinking-water

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