Know When to Prune and When to Replace Your Tree

​The Mid-February ice storm of 2021 resulted in significant damage to Salem's community forest and tree canopy. Both city trees and privately owned trees were heavily impacted. The City employs arborists and tree crews to assess and care for the city trees. They have compiled resources to help you learn about caring for your trees and to provide information for making tree-related decisions after a storm.

How Damaged is your Tree?

Storms and high winds can result in severe or even seemingly permanent damage to trees; however, it's important to remember that trees have an amazing ability to seal wounds and redirect growth. Before deciding what to do with your damaged trees, take a few minutes to properly assess the damage. Here's some helpful guidance from Oregon Department of Forestry on how to determine if your tree can be saved and how to administer tree first aid after a storm.  

A New Tree – Choose the Right Tree for the Right Place

So, the storm took out your favorite tree, and maybe caused some damage to your property in the process. You'd like to replace it but are afraid a new tree might just turn into another hazard when it matures. Instead of skipping the tree, use this guide from Oregon State University Extension Services. The guide will help you select the right tree for the space you have available and learn how to plant and care for it properly so that it will be an asset to your property rather than a risk. 

How to Properly Prune your Tree

Pruning is a very important part of tree care. Proper pruning can improve your tree's longevity, health, and resistance to storm damage and pests. However, improper pruning can harm trees and lead to weaknesses from rot, fungal decay, and insects. Before making the cut, check out the information from the International Society of Arboriculture about pruning your trees. This will help ensure you (or your landscaper) know how, why, and when to properly prune young trees and mature trees. You can also learn why topping trees is one of the most harmful pruning techniques and should be avoided.

Do I need a Permit to Remove my Tree and/or Need to Replant?

If it turns out that your tree needs to be removed, a permit may be required. The City has certain tree protections and landscaping requirements that will determine the process. The pages below can help you determine the correct process:

Remove Trees on Your Property

Landscaping for Businesses

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