Submit Land Use Application

If you are changing how you use your current property or you are improving your property, you may need approval from the City of Salem.

Step 1: Review requirements

The requirements and processes for zoning and land use actions are different depending on what you want to do. Generally, actions fall into one of the following categories:

  • Change your property use
  • Change property boundaries
  • Develop and build on your property

You should talk to a planner about your project if you do not know what land use approval you need. A planner can provide you with the information and application packet you need.

Step 2: Request a pre-application conference

You can request a pre-application conference to get detailed information on how to move forward with your project. In some cases, a pre-application conference is required. You can talk to a planner or consult the application packet for your land use action to find out if a pre-application conference is required.

Step 3: Submit your land use application

Once you know the submittal requirements, you are ready to complete and submit your land use application.

Land use procedure types determine the process used to make and appeal a requested land use decision under Salem Revised Code Chapter 300.

Download ​land use application form

Other land use application forms

Expedited land division application
Land use appeal request application
Land use approval extension request application
Temporary use permit application-Class 1
Temporary use permit application-Class 2
Trip generation estimate form

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