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Nestled between I-5 and Evergreen Avenue and between Market Street and Silverton Road, the Lansing Neighborhood Association works to promote community planning, civic engagement, and livability through neighborhood participation. Any resident, business, or property owner is a member and it costs nothing to join. Want a voice in your community? Contact the Lansing Neighborhood Association to learn more and get involved.

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Matt Ausecmausec@cityofsalem.netWard 5

About your neighborhood

Police district: 1

Parks: Eastgate Basin, Lansing, Livingston

Schools: Waldo Middle School, Washington Elementary


Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday, 7 p.m. at Waldo Middle School, 2805 Lansing Ave NE, Salem OR 97301. See the calendar for specific dates. 

May 28
Memorial Day Observance
Jun. 21
Community and Partners of East Salem (CaPES) Meeting11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.Goodwill
3535 Lancaster DR NE
Salem OR 97301
Jun. 26
Lansing Neighborhood Association Meeting7:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.Capital Baptist Church
3000 Lansing AVE
Salem OR 97301
Jul. 04
Independence Day
Jul. 19
Community and Partners of East Salem (CaPES) Meeting11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.Goodwill
3535 Lancaster DR NE
Salem OR 97301

Agendas and minutes

lansing-neighborhood-association-meeting-agenda-2018-05-22.pdf5/22/201863 KB
lansing-neighborhood-association-annual-meeting-agenda-2018-04-24.pdf4/24/201872 KB
lansing-neighborhood-association-annual-meeting-minutes-2018-04-24.pdf4/24/201875 KB
lansing-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-03-27.pdf3/27/201836 KB
lansing-neighborhood-association-minutes-2018-03-27.pdf3/27/201873 KB
lansing-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-02-27.pdf2/27/201816 KB
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CA18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice4/3/2018719 KB
NESCA-Lansing Neighborhood PlanPlan1/10/201877899 KB
CA17-06 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice12/11/2017272 KB
DR-CU-SPR-DAP17-05Hearing Notice11/27/201712174 KB
CA17-05 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice11/7/2017220 KB
DR-CU-SPR-DAP17-05 Hearing noticeHearing Notice9/19/201721720 KB
CU-SPR-ADJ17-11 hearing noticeHearing Notice8/23/2017737 KB
CA16-05 hearing noticeHearing Notice6/6/2017153 KB
CA17-03 hearing noticeHearing Notice4/18/2017370 KB
CA17-02 hearing noticeHearing Notice3/21/2017422 KB
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If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the chair.

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Patty Tipton, chair
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