Learn How to Assess Your Storm-Damaged Trees

tree damaged in february ice storm

Many trees in Salem bear the scars of the mid-February ice storms. City of Salem Urban Forester has put together a list of resources that can help you assess the damage to your tree and decide whether your next step is to prune or replace it.

Know When to Prune and When to Replace Your Tree  covers a wide range of tree topics:

  • Can this tree be saved?
  • Tree first aid
  • Choosing the right tree for the right place
  • Proper pruning for young and mature trees
  • Why topping trees is harmful and should be avoided
  • How proper pruning can help protect trees from storm damage

Trees benefit you and your community in a number of ways. They help filter pollutants from the air, absorb and store carbon dioxide, provide shade for people and aquatic life, increase property values, and serve as filters for stormwater runoff. Both alive and dead, trees provide animal habitat. Studies also show access to nature has health benefits, including faster healing, reduced ADHD symptoms, and reduced mental fatigue.

Because of the many benefits trees provide on our community, Salem is a charter member of Tree City of USA and the oldest Tree City USA in Oregon. You can help Salem maintain a healthy tree canopy for the benefit of our entire community by planting and maintaining trees on your property.

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