Library Internet Policy

​Salem Public Library Internet Use Rules


 Before using this computer: 


You must agree to abide by the following rules. Please read them and click the Accept button.


 I agree to use only my own Library card or Guest Access. 

I agree to one use (65 minutes) per day.


Clicking on the Decline button will disable internet access for the session.​


 I agree not to use Library computers to:

1. transmit offensive, threatening, harassing, abusive, or defaming language and images,

2. conduct a business or commercial enterprise, engage in co​mmercial activity, or engage in the sale or promotion of any illegal substance,

3. view, transmit or download pornographic materials,

4. violate intellectual property rights by making unauthorized copies of copyrighted, licensed or otherwise controlled software or data residing on the Internet,

5. intentionally transmit worms, viruses, or other harmful programs,

6. hack into unauthorized computers, networks, or information systems,

7. use or install software not already on the computer,

8. alter or damage computer hardware, software, or settings or data, or

9. invade the privacy of others.

I also agree to respect the comfort of other computer users by:

1. keeping conversations quiet,

2. using cell phones in lobbies or outside,

3. confining computer sounds to the headphones,

4. arranging for childcare elsewhere,

5. leaving food and drink outside of lab areas, and

6. respecting posted computer time limits and sign-in procedures.

In addition to the above, violation of any Federal or State statute or local ordinance will be regarded as a violation of library rules. The City of Salem reserves the right to cause to be ejected or refuse further admission to those individuals who violate library rules, create disorder, or engage in illegal activity. Violators are subject to arrest or Trespass under Section 95.550 of the Salem Revised Code. These sanctions are not exclusive and any other remedies available at law or equity to obtain compliance with these rules will be pursued.​​