Library Plans Move Forward as Construction Nears

Salem Public Library New Book Displays

Staff at Salem Public Library’s Main Branch are packing and planning for the upcoming temporary relocation to 1400 Broadway Street NE.

Staff at Salem Public Library are packing and planning for the Main Branch closure to complete the Salem Public Library Seismic and Safety Upgrade. The project will mean temporary relocation to the Salem Public Library at Broadway, 1400 Broadway Street NE. Visitors to the Main Branch may have already noticed that art has been removed. It is currently being stored under gallery conditions. Other collections are also being packed with the move in mind. Portions will be stored on- and off-site, and moved to the smaller Broadway location.

Key dates:

  • December 1—Portions of the Children's collection moved to storage
  • December 8—Portions of the Teens' collection moved to storage
  • Mid-December—Sections of Children's and Teen Scene shelving moved to Salem Public Library at Broadway; Teen Scene moves to Floor 3 until February 2
  • Mid-January—Computer Lab closes
  • January 31—Main Branch book drop closes
  • February 1—Broadway book return opens
  • February 2—Last open day at Main Branch until after construction
  • February 18—Salem Public Library at Broadway opens

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