Local Wastewater Discharge Limits

​Local limits were evaluated and developed during the first half of 2007 and adopted by the City Council in July 2007.
​Parameter​Limit​Maximum Allowable Headworks Loading (MAHL) lbs/day​Limiting Factor
​Arsenic​0.31 mg/l​5.5244​Process Inhibitions
​Cadmium​0.15 mg/l​2.5803​Biosolids Quality
​Chromium​4.91 mg/l​108.6457​Process Inhibitions
​Copper​3.19 mg/l​4.0969​Receiving Stream Quality
​Cyanide​1.84 mg/l​32.3675​Process Inhibitions
​Lead​0.54 mg/l​9.9646​Receiving Stream Quality
​Mercury​0.006 mg/l​0.2052​Receiving Stream Quality
​Molybdenum​4.32 mg/l​8.1744​Biosolids Quality
​Nickel​3.14 mg/l​22.6587​Process Inhibitions
​Selenium​0.61 mg/l​12.5761​Biosolids Quality
​Silver​0.25 mg/l​0.6926​Receiving Stream Quality
​Zinc​3.36 mg/l​97.1026​Process Inhibitions
​pH​6.5 - 10.0​N/A​Process Inhibitions

Approved by Salem City Council on July 2, 2007

City of Salem pH Enforcement Policy

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