May is Rise Above Plastic Pollution Month

May is Rise Above Plastic Pollution Month! To raise awareness and support this effort, the Clean Streams Team will be posting tips throughout the month on how to reduce single-use plastic and how you can switch everyday items at home to non-plastic items on the Clean Streams Facebook page.

Plastic is a huge environmental concern for waterways and water bodies, especially the ocean. Each year 8 to 12 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean. The U.S. contributes about 242 million pounds of trash to the ocean each year. By 2050 there will be more plastic per weight than fish in the ocean. This environmental crisis is due to the over production of plastic. Plastic production went from 15 million tons in 1964 to 311 million tons in 2014, that is an increase of almost 2,000 percent in 50 years. By using less plastic, we can make an impact on plastic production and plastic waste.

Follow the Clean Streams Facebook page to learn alternatives to plastic for everyday items like cookware, food storage, teeth care, and deodorant; as well also how to reduce plastic on the go and when grocery shopping.

Find the Clean Streams Facebook page here.

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