Meters Returning to Pringle Parkade Customer Spaces

row of parking meters on a city street

Meters returning to Pringle Parkade customer spaces

As of January 1, 2019, customer parking spaces will again be metered in the Pringle Parkade. A one-year trial agreement for free customer parking in the Pringle Parkade expired. Permit holders must park in "Permit Parking Only" spaces as of January 1, 2019. On-street parking changes to paid parking is the result of a pay to park plan first publicly vetted and adopted in 2004-2005, revisited in 2013, and adopted by City Council in 2013.


  • One-year customer free parking trial period complete. In the spring of 2017, at the request of the Pringle Park Plaza ownership, the City entered into a one-year trial agreement with the ownership of Pringle Park Plaza for thirty free customer parking spaces at the Pringle Parkade. Per the terms of the agreement, the City was compensated $8,000 for the lost meter revenue. Since the agreement expired in April 2018, the City and Pringle Park Plaza ownership have been in discussions regarding an extension but have not been able to come to an agreement for financial compensation to the City for parking meter revenue.
  • The City's other parkades are located within the Downtown Parking District and funded with parking tax paid by downtown businesses. The Pringle Parkade is not within the Downtown Parking District and it is not supported by the tax on businesses. The Pringle Parkade is supported by parking meter and permit revenue as well as the City's General Fund.
  • As an entirely separate project, in June 2018, pay-to-park machines were installed for the on-street parking  spaces surrounding the Pringle Parkade per the Paid Parking Plan adopted by Council in 2013. Implementation of this project began in 2015, initially around the Capitol Mall and then expanded to other areas identified in the Paid Parking Plan.

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To obtain a parking permit in Salem, please visit the City's website or call 503-588-6256.

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