Minto-Brown Island Park Conservation Area Restrictions for Events

Minto-Brown Island Park is a 1,205-acre natural area in the Willamette River floodplain. Located near downtown Salem, the park is intended to protect and preserve habitat while supporting passive recreation uses at a level that does not adversely impact the natural resources. Minto-Brown Island Park is ecologically complex, with such features as sloughs, creeks, ponds, wetlands, riparian areas, mixed forests, prairies, Oregon white oak savannas, and open fields. It provides important habitat for Western pond and painted turtles, as well as over 200 species of birds.

Located within Minto-Brown Island Park is the 307-acre Minto Island Conservation Area (MICA). The primary goal of the MICA is to protect, conserve, and enhance the diverse mix of existing natural habitats and species in the area. To accomplish this goal, the City of Salem has established the following restrictions and guidelines as a pilot program for all events conducted within the MICA.

Map of Minto-Brown Island Park and Riverfront Park boundaries, trails, and areas.

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Any planned activity that requires one or more permits from the City of Salem and which involves 150 or more participants.

Event Organizer

The person(s) overall responsible for conducting the event.


The Minto Island Conservation Area, a 307-acre natural area that is generally located at the northern end of Minto-Island Brown Park, beginning at the southern landing of the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge and extending to the remaining two-thirds of the park south of the MICA (see map).

Paved trail

The hard-surfaced, multi-use path located inside the MICA that runs approximately 0.8 miles (1.3 km) between the southern landing of the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge and the remaining trail system of Minto-Brown Island Park (see map).


Normally means Monday to Sunday.

​Year-round restrictions

  1. The following restrictions apply for all events in the MICA:

    1. Additional permit fees may apply.

    2. The event must start and finish outside of the MICA at a location approved by the City to minimize impacts to other park users.

    3. All event participants and spectators must stay on the paved trail. An exception may be granted if the event is a City-approved habitat enhancement project compatible with the MICA Management and Conservation Plan.

    4. All temporary items supporting the event, such as chemical toilets, additional garbage cans, recycling bins, water stations, and lighting must be located outside of the MICA.

    5. No horns, musical instruments, amplified sound, or noisemakers are allowed inside the MICA.

    6. Signs, flags, and banners may not be used inside the MICA. Small temporary course route signage or cones may be used on pathways with prior approval by the City.

    7. Additional temporary fencing may be required inside the MICA at the discretion of the City. If temporary fencing is required by the City, the event organizer will be responsible for costs associated with installing and removing the temporary fencing.

    8. The event organizer is responsible for ensuring information is provided to participants regarding restrictions in the MICA.

    9. No bicycle races or portions of bicycle races may be conducted in the MICA.

    10. Unless otherwise approved by the City, events must begin no earlier than 8 a.m. and must conclude no later than 4 p.m. Event set up and take down may be conducted outside of these times.

March 1–August 31 bird nesting season restrictions

  1. In addition to above restrictions, the following restrictions apply for all events conducted inside the MICA during the primary bird nesting season of March 1–August 31:

    1. The maximum number of registered participants in any one event is 400.

    2. Only one event may be conducted on any given week. Further, events cannot be conducted on successive weeks.

    3. Once per season, one large event exceeding 400 participants but not exceeding 1,000 participants, may be allowed and count as an event week. Additional temporary fencing will be required in the MICA for large events.

    4. Event reservations, scheduling, and prioritization will follow current practices of the City.

    5. The event route must be designed such that participants pass through the MICA no more than twice, as in one outbound and one inbound leg of a course.

  2. Event organizers must provide a minimum of three trail monitors within the MICA. The trail monitors shall be located along the paved trail and will be responsible for ensuring participants and spectators comply with these restrictions.

​These rules and restrictions were adopted as Administrative Rule 109-600-001.

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