Murals and Signs in Salem


​The City of Salem would like to address recent concerns circulating in social media about a wall sign on a local business within City limits. 

This is a beautiful way to honor and recognize this significant moment in our history, and the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families. 

We appreciate the quality of the work and its meaning for many in our community.  The City's rules for public art murals and signs do not consider the content or the craftsmanship of public art or signage. 

Our last resort is enforcement of the Salem Revised Code.  Staff have been working directly with the property owner since mid-November. City Code is administered and enforced by City staff.  Elected officials, like the Mayor and City Councilors, do not administer or enforce City Code.

We actively work with property owners and businesses to navigate Salem's rules and regulations, encompassed in the Salem Revised Code pertaining to (Chapter 900) or (2) public art (Chapter 15).  In short, sign code is concerned with the size, location, and construction of signage, not what the sign says or how it is portrayed.  The public mural code addresses art and follows a public process, through the Salem Public Art Commission with a public hearing, as the work is considered for inclusion in the City's Public Art Collection. 

Many outside our community have misrepresented steps the City has taken to-date and spread false allegations of intent behind these actions.  The facts are that no fines have been imposed.  Staff are in continuing dialogue with the property owner.  The City of Salem's laws, encompassed in the Salem Revised Code, represent the values of our community.  We remain committed to fair and equal treatment for all individuals and businesses making Salem a great place to live and work.