New Brewery Utilizes West Salem Redevelopment Grant

​Xicha Brewing (pronounced chee-chah), a new West Salem Brewery at 576 Patterson St. NW, is set to open on Nov. 3, offering Latin American food and house-brewed European ales and lagers. The Brewery received $82,000 from the West Salem Redevelopment Grant Program to convert a vacant building space into productive craft manufacturing use. The total startup project cost for the new venture is estimated to be around $500,000.

The building required significant improvements to the structure and its utility infrastructure to suitably house the manufacturing equipment and to produce goods safely and efficiently. Receiving the Redevelopment Grant Program commitment helped the business secure a commercial bank loan; allowing for the building improvements to be completed to the highest standard. The improvements included electrical upgrades, new plumbing, HVAC, sprinkler fire system, new roof, floor drains, exterior building repair, and brewery manufacturing equipment.

"By making resources available to help small business owners like us take advantage of opportunities in the market, the West Salem Urban Renewal funds ultimately provide what is needed to develop communities like West Salem into the social/cultural hubs they ought to be," said Ben Mendoza, Xicha Co-Owner.

With no other breweries in West Salem, Xicha plans to fill a void in the area as well as support other service and manufacturing employers.

Learn more about the West Salem Redevelopment Grant program​

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