New Garden in Geer Community Park Honors Those Impacted By Covid-19


May 1st Tree Dedication

Salem, Ore. – Geer Community Park, a 44-acre park located in northeast Salem off of State Street, now features a new memorial garden dedicated in remembrance of community members impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The vision for this project stemmed from the work and collaboration between Columbia Bank, The Garden Angels, and the Salem Parks Foundation.

"I think that Geer Park is the ideal place for this memorial, as it is an active and expanding park, easily accessible from all parts of our community." said Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett. "Those who visit will be able to appreciate this memorial, as well as reflect as to why it came to pass, for many years."

The site is a reflection point for the many who have loved ones affected by the Covid-19 virus. The plaque, in honor of those victims reads, "In the wake of sorrow, we find our strength together in knowing that our loved ones are in our hearts forever." The centerpiece of the memorial garden is a Holly Oak Tree (Quercus ilex). It is a drought-resistant evergreen, a tough survivor, and native to the climate. "Holly," to the ancient druids was a symbol of eternal life and it is hoped that this garden will bring peace and a sense of hope to those who rest under its shade. Dedication of the memorial garden took place Saturday, May 1, 2021.

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