North Gateway URA Maximum Indebtedness Proposed Increase

Aerial view of a segment of Salem’s largest Urban Renewal Area, North Gateway Urban Renewal Area.

In the last three years, urban renewal has made investments in North Gateway’s streetscape, the Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC), and affordable housing. In addition, the established North Gateway Urban Renewal grant program has awarded $6.5 million to private developers, which has brought in over $23 million in private investment .

Development and investment in the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area has gained so much recent momentum that the City of Salem is considering increasing the maximum indebtedness of the Urban Renewal Area to continue the revitalization of North Salem.​

What is Urban Renewal? Urban Renewal is not an additional tax. It is a transformative tool, providing a dedicated source of funding for public infrastructure and financing activities to spur redevelopment where it might not otherwise occur within a designated geographic are of the City.

What is Maximum Indebtedness? The total amount of money the Urban Renewal Agency is able to spend on projects within the designated area. The proposed increase is not an additional tax, it is an allocation of already collected taxes which could be spent on new projects

How would funds be spent? A list of potential projects and programs which could be accomplished if the maximum indebtedness was increased has been developed. Preliminary cost estimates for the potential projects/programs were used to start the process of determining how much the maximum indebtedness of the NGURA should be increased. This is an estimate and may be subject to change in the future.


Staff will present a report to the Salem City Council in March 2019 requesting consideration of the proposed increase of $26,466,402 with the goal of final adoption by the end of May 2019. The proposed increase would extend the life of the URA by approximately eight years. If the Agency and City Council approve the amendment to increase the maximum indebtedness of the NGURA, funding for projects would continue to be approved through the annual budget process. The approval of the proposed increase would extend the life of the NGURA by 8 years with expected completion date of 2028.

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In Salem, urban renewal investments in public infrastructure; parks, trail connections and restoration of natural areas; and public-private partnerships have opened blighted areas to private investment, increased employment and enhanced the economic prosperity of the community.

North Gateway is Salem’s largest urban renewal area. The majority of urban renewal investments in the area have focused on infrastructure improvements (water, sewer and street), environmental clean-up to prepare properties for redevelopment, and partnerships to promote redevelopment. Catalyzing redevelopment projects include the Kroc Center, Center 50+, and private redevelopment at Hollywood Station. Recently the URA has begun partnering in affordable housing developments and focused on property acquisition opportunities for the purpose of establishing a food hub type development for the corridor. Since 1999, more than $67 million in URA funding has been invested in the area.

The North Gateway Urban Renewal Area is guided by an agency-appointed agency-appointed Advisory Board, the North Gateway Urban Renewal Advisory Board, which is made up of a variety of stakeholders throughout the URA. This group has been an integral part of developing the maximum indebtedness increase plan and project priorities over the past 12 months.

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