North Lancaster Neighborhood Association (NOLA)


The North Lancaster Neighborhood Association (NOLA) encompasses the area within the city limits bound by the center line of I-5, Cordon Road NE, Silverton Road NE, and Sunnyview Road NE. NOLA works to help its members make a positive change in the community. If you work, live, own property or a business in NOLA you are a member of the association. If you want a say in what affects your community contact the NOLA chair, or attend a neighborhood meeting to find out more.

​Your City Councilors

Chris Hoy[email protected]Ward 6

About your neighborhood

Police district: 6

Parks: Brown Road Park; McKay Park

Schools: Chavez Elementary School, McKay High School


Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday,6:30 p.m. at Scott Elementary School Media Center, 4700 Arizona Ave NE, Salem OR 97305. See the calendar for specific dates. 

Nov. 22
Thanksgiving - Some City offices closed for holiday observanceCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301
Nov. 23
Thanksgiving - Some City offices closed for holiday observanceCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301
Dec. 05
North Lancaster Neighborhood Associaton (NOLA)6:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Scott Elementary School Media Center
4700 Arizona AVE NE
Salem OR 97305
Dec. 13
Community and Partners of East Salem (CaPES) Meeting11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.Goodwill
3535 Lancaster DR NE
Salem OR 97301
Dec. 25
Jan. 01
New Year's Day

​Agendas and Minutes

north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-11-07.pdf11/7/201848 KB
north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-meeting-minutes-2018-11-07.pdf11/7/2018143 KB
north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-10-03.pdf10/3/2018106 KB
north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-minutes-2018-10-03.pdf10/3/201885 KB
north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-09-05.pdf9/5/2018143 KB
north-lancaster-neighborhood-association-agenda-2018-08-01.pdf8/1/2018144 KB
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Salem City Council CA-18-03 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice8/13/2018599 KB
Salem City Council CA-18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice7/16/2018685 KB
CA18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice4/3/2018719 KB
North Lancaster Neighborhood Association Goals (2017-2018)Document1/10/201887 KB
CA17-06 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice12/11/2017272 KB
CA17-05 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice11/7/2017220 KB
CA16-05 hearing noticeHearing Notice6/6/2017153 KB
CA17-03 hearing noticeHearing Notice4/18/2017370 KB
CA17-02 hearing noticeHearing Notice3/21/2017422 KB
CA17-01 hearing noticeHearing Notice3/7/2017333 KB
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If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the chair.

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Doug Rodgers, chair
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