Online Library Card Process Updated to Provide More Access

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Salem Public Library's physical space remains closed to the public but Curbside Services, virtual library services, and online card sign-ups mean that patrons always have access to resources. New patrons are always welcome, and now, patrons who sign up for a library card online have the ability to make curbside appointments as well.

Circulation staff have been working hard to ensure that new patrons have an easy, straightforward way to sign up for a card that they can start using right away.  Robin Saunders, Senior Library Assistant and Registration Coordinator, has been leading the change to make signing up for a library card, using online resources, and putting holds on physical items possible without coming into the library.

Accounts made online are manually changed by staff so that patrons can "do all the things with their account that they would normally be able to do" without requiring an in-person visit to verify information, said Saunders. This change in the way registrations are processed allows people who have signed up for a card online to place holds on items and sign up for Salem Public Library's contactless Curbside Service.

New accounts made online now have extended expiration dates

The Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service (CCRLS), of which Salem Public Library is a member, has been adapting to ensure patrons who signed up online won't have their cards expire during the pandemic. "Prior to the COVID shutdown, our online accounts were only good for 30 days," explains Saunders. "CCRLS extended that to 90 days," and continues to extend expiration dates as needed.

The Library has a recommendation for ensuring that your account doesn't expire: use it! If you have any type of item checked out, your account will still be active and library staff can help extend it.

You can register for a library card at any time

"Our library system serves patrons who live in Marion, Polk, or Yamhill counties," says Saunders, "If you live in one of those counties, you can apply for a card through our system." Potential patrons can find a simple registration form online and can access it 24/7. 

It does require time to modify online registrations, but once the changes are made, users are notified by email about their new capabilities. 

If you think you already have a card or have questions, call the Salem Public Library at 503-588-6315. Privacy is always a high priority, and they will be happy to securely reconnect you with your account.

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