Online Building Permit Process

Depending on the complexity of your project, you can complete most or all of the permit process online.

The City’s online system for managing building permits is the Salem Permit, License, and Application Services Home (SPLASH). Licensed contractors can also consider the State of Oregon’s ePermitting System.

Prepare application forms, building plans and documents

All building permit application forms are available electronically in PDF format. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can click the [Submit] button on the form, and your email client will open with the completed form attached. If you are using a different browser, you need to save the completed PDF and manually attach it to an email addressed to [email protected].

You can submit building plans and documents for electronic plan review through SPLASH. The following documents provide information on the files you need and how they should be named:

The final preparation step is to register as a SPLASH user.

Upload plans and documents

All documents uploaded must be searchable and editable. Engineers and architects should send files containing a computer-generated image of seal with handwritten signature. Salem cannot accept files that are digitally signed as the final approved plans are combined into one file.

To upload plans and documents:

  1. Login to SPLASH using your email address and password. Documents will not be accepted by email.

  2. Click the View My Permits link to get a list of your permits.

  3. Click a permit link in the left column to see its details.

  4. Click the [Attach Files] button at the bottom of the page.

  5. Use the [Browse] button to choose one or more PDF file(s) to upload from your computer. In some browsers, this button may be displayed as [Choose Files].

  6. Click the file you want to upload. To select additional files, press and hold the <Ctrl> key while you click the additional files.

  7. When you are done selecting files, click the [Open] button. The system returns you to the Attach files page.

  8. Click the [Send] button to perform the upload.

  9. After the upload finishes, a message appears showing the result of your upload.

  10. Click the [OK] button to return to the Attach Files page.

  11. You should receive a confirmation email message within 30 minutes.

Pay online

  1. Login to SPLASH using your email address and password.

  2. Click the Pay my account link.

  3. Click the box in the Check column to the left of the permit(s) you want to pay.

  4. Click the [Pay Selected Item(s)] button.

  5. Click in the Name on Card/Account field, and type the name on the credit card exactly as it appears on the card.

  6. Mark the acknowledgement box below the registered user information.

  7. Click the [Proceed with Payment] button.

  8. At the confirmation prompt, click the [Ok] button. The system will process for several minutes before displaying the Make a Payment screen. At this point, you have been transferred to the bank's website and all your information is handled by the bank.

Respond to plans examiner comments

The plans examiner reviewing your plans will email you a letter explaining any items you need to address.

If the comments require you to submit revised files, use the following guidelines to prepare your files:

  1. Include all sheets. 

  2. On each changed sheet, identify the changes made with a cloud and revision.

  3. Make sure the file name conforms to the naming standards.

  4. Include a submittal summary sheet.

Print your permit

Once your plans have been approved and all the fees are paid, you will be notified that your permit has been issued. You can print your permit through SPLASH as follows:

  1. Login to SPLASH using your email address and password.

  2. Click View My Permits to get a list of your permits.

  3. If your permit is in Issued status and your balance is zero, you will see an [Obtain This Permit] on the right. Click this link to see your building permit.

  4. Print the permit and store in on the building site.

Request inspections

As work is progressing on your project, you can request inspections through SPLASH as follows:

  1. Login to SPLASH using your email address and password.

  2. Click the Request Inspections link to get a list of your permits available for inspections.

  3. Click the check box to the left of the permit needing an inspection, and then click the Request Inspections tab.

  4. For each type of inspection you want, choose the date you want for the inspection. Inspections will be scheduled based on inspector availability.

When you are ready to request your final inspection, you need to call the Permit Application Center.

Obtain certificate of Final Approval and Certificate of Occupancy

When the final inspections have been approved and all administrative steps completed, a Certificate of Final Approval or a Certificate of Occupancy will be emailed to the contractor listed on the permit.

Two architects reviewing plans on computer screen.

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