Park Master Plans

Park master plans provide overall design guidance for the use and development of Salem park land. When a master plan is created, the following information is taken into account:

  • Community input
  • Unique characteristics of a park property
  • Future transportation improvements and development surrounding the park
  • Park classification (such as neighborhood parks, community parks, community parks, urban parks)
  • Other factors may come into consideration.

The master planning process is interactive and involves significant community engagement. This is done to ensure all stakeholders are heard in the decision-making design process. Public meetings, workshops, online surveys, and social media are commonly used to solicit input and feedback. All park plans are adopted by City Council following a public hearing. Having an adopted master plan is the first step in developing a park.

The guiding document for developing park master plans is the Salem Comprehensive Park System Master Plan, which was last updated in 2013. The individual park master plans are developed to be consistent with the Comprehensive Park System Master Plan, including its goals, policies, assessment of need, and recommendations.

Park system overview

The City of Salem park system includes 1,928 acres of park land​—1,328 acres are developed, and 600 acres are undeveloped.

Developed sites include:

  • 38 neighborhood parks, which provide local access to basic recreation resources for nearby residents within 0.5 miles
  • 6 community parks, which meet the active and passive recreational needs of the community within 3 miles
  • 6 urban parks, which provide for recreational needs of the entire city and which may be a regional draw
  • 11 natural areas, which provide passive recreation opportunities and habitat conservation

Other facilities include linear park and connector trails, special use facilities, and historical areas.

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Comprehensive Park System Master Plan - May 201327703 KBpark-system-master-plan.pdf
McKay Park Master Plan3191 KBmckay-park-master-plan.pdf
Minto-Brown Master Plan39237 KBminto-brown-master-plan.pdf
Hilfiker Master Plan7785 KBhilfiker-master-plan-report.pdf
Brown Road Park Master Plan16661 KBbrown-road-park-master-plan.pdf
Riverfront Park Master Plan - November 201823125 KBriverfront-park-master-plan.pdf
Fairview Park Master Plan20706 KBfairview-park-master-plan.pdf