Park Planning and Development

​​Salem is actively planning improvements to city parks. Community input is an important component of this work. You can find information about current projects and participation opportunities below.

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Eagle's View Park Master Plan

Eagles View Park is a 5-acre, undeveloped Neighborhood Park located at 451 Eagle's Wing Street NW.   You are invited to share your vision for the Eagle's View Park master plan during a series of upcoming workshops.  Learn more >> 

Battle Creek Park Master Plan

The City of Salem is preparing a master plan for Battle Creek Park, a large 56-acre undeveloped park property located off Commercial Street in South Salem at the former site of the Battle Creek Golf Course. The site is currently undeveloped, with creeks, wetlands, trees and open space. The property was purchased for both park and flood mitigation functions.

Our goal for the Battle Creek Park master plan is to develop a multi-use park that balances recreational use with flood mitigation and natural habitat. Planning for the park involves coordination with concurrent stormwater master planning efforts.

Preferred Design Option

Share your feedback on the preferred design option for Battle Creek Park master plan.

View Preferred Option in an online viewer

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View November 13, 2019 Open House Presentation 

The preferred option was prepared after hearing from the community through a series of public open houses and online surveys. It balances recreational use with needed flood mitigation and includes flood storage areas, enhanced wetlands, an improved trail system, and new recreational features for the community.

Comments are welcomed as we move toward adoption of a final master plan by City Council in late February or early March 2020. Input can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to Patricia Farrell, 555 Liberty ST SE, Room 325, Salem, OR 97301.

What We’ve Heard

While floodplain mitigation is the top priority for park master plan implementation, we’ve heard that habitat enhancements, walking trails, and a disc golf course also rank highly among those that attended the project open house on November 13, 2019.

Public input from two earlier public meetings and over 1,600 online survey responses indicates that people feel strongly about having opportunities to be active, explore nature, and get exercise. Results from the surveys tell us that people want paved and soft-surface trails, open space, new recreation opportunities, and a focus on flood mitigation and natural habitat.

Summary of results from Community Survey #1

Summary of results from Community Survey #2

Next steps

A process is now underway to adopt a master plan for Battle Creek Park. City staff will present the proposed park plan to the South Gateway Neighborhood Association on December 12, 2019. The plan will then be presented to the Salem Park and Recreation Advisory Board  on February 13, 2020. As a last step, the plan is expected to be forwarded to City Council  in late February or early March 2020. Adjustments and refinements to the proposed plan are expected to occur through this process.

Once approved by the City Council, the master plan will provide a comprehensive vision for improvements to Battle Creek Park over the next decade.

Grassy parkland with sporadic trees.

View of Battle Creek Park from Waln DR SE

battle-creek-park-master-plan-preferred-design-option.pdfBattle Creek Park master plan preferred design option11/18/2019
battle-creek-park-open-house-presentation-2019-11-13.pdfBattle Creek Park open house presentation - November 13, 201911/13/2019
battle-creek-park-survey2-results-final.pdfBattle Creek Park Survey #2 Final Results10/22/2019
battle-creek-park-open-house-presentation-2019-09-11.pdfBattle Creek Park open house presentation - September 11, 20199/11/2019
battle-creek-park-survey1-results-final.pdfBattle Creek Park Survey #1 Final Results7/22/2019
battle-creek-park-open-house1-presentation.pdfBattle Creek Park Open House 1 Presentation 6/5/2019

Project Contact

Patricia Farrell Parks and Natural Resources Planning Manager Public Works Department
555 Liberty ST SE, RM 325
Salem, OR 97301
Email: [email protected] Battle Creek Park master plan project

Contact us

Patricia FarrellParks and Natural Resources Planning ManagerPublic Works Department
555 Liberty ST SE, RM 325
Salem, OR 97301
Row of trees at Battle Creek Park

Row of trees at Battle Creek Park

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