Planning Notices and Decisions

Development in Salem is guided by the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan. Planning applications have been reviewed for conformance to the Salem Revised Code.

​Planning public hearing notices

The staff report for each case will be available seven days prior to the hearing date.

Cases are heard by four different bodies:

Please review the details relating to the case number or address in question listed below.

Salem Demographics
CU18-09 Hearing NoticeConditional Use Case Hearings Officer10/24/20182183 Morrow Court NW, Salem, OR 97304West Salem; Ward 8
ZC18-01 Hearing Notice Quasi-Judicial Zone Change Hearings Officer10/24/2018SW Portion of Riverfront Park, Salem, OR 97301Central Area; Ward 1
City Council Hearing NoticeAnnexationCity Council10/22/20185826 Battle Creek Road SESoutheast Mill Creek; South Gateway; Ward 4
CU-ADJ18-07 CC Call Up Hearing NoticeConditional Use / Class 2 AdjustmentCity Council10/8/2018725 High Street SEWard 2; South Central
SUB-UGA18-01 City Council Hearing NoticeSubdivision/Urban Growth Preliminary DeclarationCity Council10/8/20181395 Boone Road SEWard 3; Morningside
HIS16-34MOD2 Hearing NoticeMajor Historic Design Review ModificationHistoric Landmarks Commission9/20/2018260 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 97301Ward 1; Central Area
DR-SPR-ADJ-DAP18-05 Hearing NoticeDesign Review/Site Plan Review/Adjustment/Driveway Approach PermitSalem Planning Commission9/4/2018245 Patterson Street NWWard 1; West Salem
CPC-ZC-UGA18-04 Appeal Hearing NoticeComprehensive plan change/Zone change/Urban growth preliminary declarationCity Council8/27/20184195 Aumsville Hwy. SE, Salem, OR 97317Southeast Mill Creek
CU-SPR-ADJ-18-08 Hearing NoticeConditional Use/Site Plan Review/AdjustmentHearings Officer8/22/20183700 Portland Rd NEWard 5; Northgate
DR-SPR-DAP-18-04 Hearing NoticeClass 3 Design Review/Class 3 Site Plan Review/Class 2 Driveway Approach PermitSalem Planning Commission8/21/20181200 Block of River Road NWWest Salem; Ward 8
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​Hearings Officer meeting documents

Information for upcoming Hearings Officer meetings.

hearings-officer-agenda-2018-10-24.pdf10/24/2018136 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-10-24.pdf10/24/20181336 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-10-24.pdf10/24/20181619 KB
hearings-officer-hearing-notice-2018-10-24.pdf10/24/2018200 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-08-22.pdf8/22/2018150 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-08-22.pdf8/22/20183748 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2018-08-22.pdf8/22/2018168 KB
hearings-officer-hearing-notice-2018-08-08.pdf8/8/20189601 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/2018153 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/20182601 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/20183366 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2018-07-25.pdf7/25/2018176 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2018-07-11.pdf7/11/2018153 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2018-07-11.pdf7/11/20181402 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-b-2018-07-11.pdf.pdf7/11/20184020 KB
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Planning decision reports 

​The reports below summarize recent planning decisions. You can click the address in the report to display a map showing the location of the case.

Monthly Planning Decisions - September 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - August 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - July 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - June 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - May 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - April 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - March 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - February 2018
Monthly Planning Decisions - January 2018
2017 Planning Decisions Report

Proposed Kuebler Gateway Shopping Center – Costco

To review the complete site plan review application for the proposed Kuebler Gateway Shopping Center (Costco), download these files: 

You can also review the Notice of Filing / Request for Comments.  

For more information, please contact Aaron Panko at (503) 540-2356.

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