Planning Notices and Decisions

Development in Salem is guided by the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan. Planning applications have been reviewed for conformance to the Salem Revised Code.

​Planning public hearing notices

The staff report for each case will be available seven days prior to the hearing date.

Cases are heard by four different bodies:

Please review the details relating to the case number or address in question listed below.

Salem Demographics
Conditional Use, Site Plan Review, Driveway Approach Permit, Design Review5600 Block Woodside Dr SEHearings Officer9/23/2020South Gateway; Ward 4
Major Historic Design ReviewHistoric Landmarks Commission9/17/2020Central Area; Ward 1
Comp. Plan Map Amendment, Neighborhood Plan Change, Zone Change, Site Plan Review, Adjustment, and Design Reivew905 & 925 Cottage St NESalem Planning Commission9/15/2020Central Area; Grant; Ward 1
Comp. Plan Map Amendment, Neighborhood Plan Change, and Zone Change4120 Kurth St SSalem Planning Commission9/15/2020Sunnyslope; Southwest Association of Neighbors; Ward 7
Comprehensive Map Amendment /  Neighborhood Plan Change / Zone Change4120 Kurth St SSalem Planning Commission9/15/2020Sunnyslope; Southwest Association of Neighbors; Ward 7
Minor Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment / Neighborhood Plan Change / Zone Change2373 Kuebler Rd S (Sprague High School)Salem Planning Commission9/1/2020Sunnyslope; Southwest Association of Neighbors; Ward 7
Code AmendmentHistoric Landmarks Commission8/20/2020Ward 1; Ward 2; Ward 3; Ward 4; Ward 5; Ward 6; Ward 7; Ward 8; Central Area; East Lancaster; Faye Wright; Grant; Highland; Lansing; Morningside; Northeast Neighbors; North East Salem; Northgate; North Lancaster; South Central; Southeast Mill Creek; South East Salem; South Gateway; Sunnyslope; Southwest Association of Neighbors; West Salem
Conditional Use / Class 2 Adjustment320 14th St NEHearings Officer8/12/2020Northeast Neighbors; Ward 1
Site Plan Review725 Market Street NECity Council8/10/2020Grant; Ward 1
Minor Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment / Neighborhood Plan Map Amendment / Zone Change 2400 Block of Commercial Street NE & Liberty Street NESalem Planning Commission8/4/2020Highland; Ward 5
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​Hearings Officer meeting documents

Information for upcoming Hearings Officer meetings.

hearings-officer-agenda-2020-09-23.pdf9/23/2020130 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2020-09-23.pdf9/23/202016267 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2020-08-12.pdf8/12/2020132 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a1-2020-08-12.pdf8/12/20203712 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2020-08-12.pdf8/12/20201874 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a2-2020-08-12.pdf8/12/20201340 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2020-07-22.pdf7/22/2020183 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-adendum-a-2020-07-22.pdf7/22/20203406 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2020-07-22.pdf7/22/202079 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2020-06-24.pdf6/24/202098 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a-2020-06-24.pdf6/24/20203444 KB
hearings-officer-minutes-2020-06-24.pdf6/24/202085 KB
sud19-02-hearings-officer-decision.pdf6/2/2020219 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-2020-05-13.pdf5/13/2020100 KB
hearings-officer-agenda-addendum-a1-2020-05-13.pdf5/13/20201003 KB
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Planning decision reports 

​The reports below summarize recent planning decisions. You can click the address in the report to display a map showing the location of the case.

Monthly Planning Decisions - July 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - June 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - May 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - April 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - March 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - February 2020
Monthly Planning Decisions - January 2020
2019 Planning Decisions Report

Proposed Kuebler Gateway Shopping Center – Costco

The proposed Kuebler Gateway Shopping Center development web page provides a timeline and all information submitted into the record for the proposed shopping center which includes a Costco store, a retail fueling station, and four new retail shell buildings.

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