Plant Trees to Improve Salem Streams

Neighbors of all ages planting trees.

Trees reduce stormwater runoff and the pollutants it carries into Salem streams. Some ways trees improve Salem streams include:

  • Blocking rain with their leaves, branches and trunks
  • Soaking up water through the its roots
  • Releasing water back to the air through its leaves
  • Reducing erosion
  • Stabilizing stream banks
  • Cooling water temperature by shading streams

How you can help

  • Plant a tree in your yard, especially near your driveway, where it can help reduce stormwater runoff, increase your property value, and provide year-round beauty.

  • Work with your neighbors and neighborhood association to beautify your street with trees. Contact the City for assistance in selecting and planting street trees.

  • Apply for a Watershed Grant to protect or improve the health of our watersheds.

Volunteer to plant trees at City events

Volunteer for our community tree-planting events coordinated by Friends of Trees. These tree-planting events generally occur between October and May. You can also be trained as an event volunteer crew leader. Find information on the annual training for crew leaders at Friends of Trees.

Tree planting events
Dec. 25

City offices, Center 50+, and the Salem Public Library will be closed for the holiday observance.

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