Police Facility Council Committee


The Police Facility Council Committee provides policy level oversight for the project to construct a new Salem Police facility. The project was funded when Salem voters passed a $61.8 million ballot measure in May of 2017. The committee will receive status reports and provide feedback to the core project team regarding policy and items with the potential to rise to the City Council’s attention.

The project design is being led by CB|Two Architects, and Day CPM is providing project management services through design and construction of the project. The projected date for Police to move into the new facility is September of 2020.


Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment

Number of members: 4

Length of term: None

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MemberPositionFilterAppointmentTermTerm Expires
Cara Kaser
City Councilor for Ward 1
Chuck Bennett
Matt Ausec
City Councilor for Ward 5

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