Portland Road NE Streetscape Improvements Underway Between Rose Garden Street NE to Hyacinth Street NE

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Work has started to relocate utilities on Portland Road NE in preparation for upgrades that will improve traffic flow and stimulate private development in the area. 

As you travel along Portland Road, please use caution and watch for traffic congestion. We will close lanes occasionally to move utilities so we can upgrade transit stops, build new sidewalks, and construct mid-block pedestrian crossings.

This is one of the first projects that came out the Portland Road Action Plan​, which included significant outreach in 2015 and 2016 to residents, businesses, and active organizations in the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area.  We reached out to more than 2,000 property owners and tenants in the area, held 12 public meetings, and received direct input from more than 25 area schools, churches and service providers. Respondents told us that bicycle and pedestrian improvements, new financial incentives, and support for new retail and housing development should be the top priorities.

In addition to the streetscape project we have also moved forward on other Action Plan projects including:

  • Restructure a grant program to make funding for a broader range of projects available.  
  • Provide funding support for 188 affordable housing units currently under construction on a long-vacant Portland Road site.
  • ​Launch a small business retention program.

Learn more about the grant program and other activities in the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area​

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