Prepare for Winter Weather

Mother and two children playing in the snow.

Winter is here and that means snow, ice, and possibly flooding. Here are some tips to help weather the winter woes.

Heavy rains may bring flooding. You can pick up sandbags from locations around Salem to help protect your home from flooding during the rainy season. You can also help protect your home by getting flood insurance. Visit the City’s website to learn about flood insurance and the community rating system (CRS). Thanks to the City's efforts with the CRS, Salem residents currently save 25 percent on flood insurance premiums. This discount will increase to 30 percent on April 1, 2022.

When ice hits you can use environmentally friendly products to provide traction such as sand, kitty litter, and alfalfa meal. These can be applied to ice, swept up, then disposed of in the trash. Using environmentally friendly products is also safer for streams, over chemical traction products or deicers. Proper disposal of the items in the trash also decrease the amount that can flow into storm drains and local streams.

Practice safe driving in the snow and ice by slowing down, increasing following distance, and using your brakes lightly. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. This can become very important if you get stuck because of snow or ice. Your emergency kit should have first aid supplies, water, flashlight, tool kit, reflective triangles, jumper cables, and a blanket.

You can check road conditions before driving and find more information on preparing for inclement weather and other emergencies.

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